Traditional jewelry is now outdated and digital jewelry took its place

Traditional and digital jewelry

Designing and making gold and jewels are a kind of art that was done by artists in the past, most of these designs were made manually by traditional modeling.

In the not far-off days, there was a special need of equipment and a large lab armed with plenty of tools to make a matrix, also you had to spend too much time to form a jewel.


Traditional and digital jewelry


Nowadays, human knowledge specially designing has been changed considerably by technology development to the extent that the artists are rarely found to make jewels manually or using conventional methods.

A great number of accomplished jewelers can adapt to the new methods furthermore all procedure of jewels (designing to producing) are done by Design Software Jewelry accurately; so if jewelry artists are not able to use the design software jewelry, they will be gone out of business in the face of stiff competition from the qualified ones.

most popular design software jewelry

Rhino, Matrix, Zbrush, CorelCAD etc are the most popular design software jewelry that has been favorite among jewels’ designers, every software has its advantages and disadvantages but the Matrix is more popular among jewelry’s trainees and trainers.

softwares jewelry

Matrix is one of the most well-liked and strongest software to design gold, jewels, and precious gemstones.

This software is a perfect set of necessary tools to digital designing jewelry so that it can fulfill all things an artist needs.

Flawless rendering and near the real natural gem, various tools to design jewels, maximum control, using more creativity to make natural shapes, presenting items and attractive prepared models to make designing faster, customizing working area, previewing final project, possibility to change 2-D models 3-D are just some capabilities of Matrix.

Matrix – popular among designers

Matrix is made to create realistic models of gold and jewels so that makes it a lot more popular among designers.

This software is designed by a community of CDE experts in the U.S.A and it is fitted with an archive of valuable gemstones and other jewels moreover the shapes that you can add new items to them.


In here, CDE converts to an interactive modeling that increase speed also change the designer’s conception.

In contrast with other jewels modeling tools, Matrix has more advanced features and it suits ordered jewels what is more since it needs more time to learn you can start designing from scratch and the final model will be quite unique.

The unmatched tools of Matrix can grab people’s attention who works in this field like TSPLINE

There are prepared jewels, ring patterns also chains that can be edited by this software so the user is able to use them as a basis and then edit to change the size or the texture of the model to get the right one they want, furthermore there is possibility to set the gems on the ring and the other layers designing by Matrix.

A practical tool bar to design jewels in Matrix is considered so that everyone can easily use it.

Possibility of limited edition, different tools and editing the size of ring, checking the quality of texture, weight estimation, setting pieces and gems on the model or from many different angles are other noticeable features of this software.

Our website paved the way for you and you can succeed overnight.

Today, since designing by this interesting software is extremely costly also due to lack of qualified human resources, most of producers are faced the challenge of design, they cannot trust to the sales websites of jewels designing because of problems they have such as; high weight of product, impossible to print, not being worth producing that, unfashionable files to download and tens of other reasons.

We are going to introduce you a website; this website has solved all the bugs up to now moreover it gives the money-back guarantee to customers who have downloaded a file.

3DM Jewellry Website, which has known as PIVEZHAN official brand, has taken steps towards producing jewels designing files.

Producers and designers can be relieved because ideal price, fashionable designs and create new collections are the items that make a distinction between 3DM jewellry Website and other ones.

All files in PIVEZHAN Website were produced at least once also every defects were corrected so you can download them with an easy mind and put them in production cycle.

It is fair to say that PIVEZHAN Website is the AMAZON of jewels designing industry that you can find everything from A to Z.

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The other significant service of our website is customization or creating new collection area; for example in your area there is a design which is the best-selling, you can go to order registration tap then send a picture of your model for us to create it, in addition to make that model, we can create a collection for you with several designs and ideal price.

It should be noted that the great strength of our website is, all files either customized or prepared ones are both editable so you can easily change the models to your taste.

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