The Different, Charming, and Glamorous Art of Jewellery Design

Nowadays we are living in the world that is under development.

In this world doing an in depth and thorough analysis but being creative in original art of jewellery design as a whole, is the must to develop jewelry industry as well as accessories design.

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1- Professional Training Course in Jewellery Design

From A-Z contains design molding and production all trainers need to pass professional course during constant practice but most importantly using modern technology includes hardware and software considering that they are complementary.

2- Development of Jewellery making and Design

Besides using modern technology and science, having an expert also creative eye cause a revolutionary moreover innovative change in fashion industry specially in jewellery branch.

Development and innovation in jewelry have been being changed rapidly. According to independent report, development in jewellery industry has been being increased to the extent that turnover and financial permutation point or sometimes more than the profit rate of some industries such as petrochemical industry.

3- The Value of Jewellery Industry

You can find conspicuously this knowledge and expert eye in addition to industrial-artistic, in fashion products of prominent countries like Italy, Germany, France, and the United States.

4- Jewellery Design Major

Nowadays in some of these countries jewellery design major is thought as an independent and tertiary education. In other countries jewellery design is known as a new sub-field of fashion design field.

It is worth mentioning that some courses in the field of jewellery and gold design are provided with kind of professional academics in several countries, for example Damus and NABA Academy in Italy.

5- Jewellery Design, a Moneymaker Industry

Besides the items above, the following points also should be noticed; the more processing and supplementary industries you have also using modern technology moreover to have a fashion industry that is more money making than petroleum, the more successful those countries will be in this field.

Italy is definitely a case in point. This lovely place is home to design and the universal fashion industry. Italy especially adorable Milano- the imperial capital of European fashion and style- is one of the worldwide major avant-garde in the jewellery and gold field.

6- What Does a Jewellery Designer Do Exactly?

A lot of steps are taken to produce a good, specially in fashion industry, then to present that and finally to be used up.

The most significant of these process includes the initial idea generation, design, and model also making the main matrix that cause production, after the other stages are done. In the end after observing the market condition, the product will be come on the market.

7- Jewellery Design With the Passage of Time

In the not-too-distant past, initial idea was designed and then was moulded completely traditional and manually via hand tool on silver or wax by artist. After doing foregoing simple steps, the output was ready for other production processes to bring about a mass production. Doing that needed speciality, experiment, talent, also double precision and of course it took a lot of time so it is never economic considering economic conditions in the world we are living.

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8- Designing via Software

Today, science and technology are pushing forwards very fast so that the process of this work, specially moulding step has changed dramatically and this part (such as designing, modeling, and matrix) is done with different state-of-the-art software like Rhino and Matrix.

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9- First Steps in Jewellery Design

After approving initial idea, the idea is modeled in 3D by professional people at a mentioned software, then this model is produced with the most advanced machines and finally it is used as a main matrix and for final output.

10- The Importance of Jewellery Design Software

The use of jewellery design software includes unique features such as; acceleration in promptitude and accuracy, reduction in bugs, possibility of controlling the weight of product, high quality molding, and possibility of complicated and exclusive molding (patent).

11- Using the Software Makes the Process Easier

Software has given designers free rein to so that they can realize what is in their mind. The products of this field have been increased considerably in terms of quality and quantity with software.

It is worth to say that in this method you need to be professional enough also to get enough experience. Learn jewellery design software with 3DM Jewelry Group.

12- Designing and Modeling

There are more job vacancies when it comes to software. It means you can be earned good money with learning software also taking enough practice compared to traditional methods.

From an independent view, designing and modeling are two vital and inseparable factors.

13- Ideation in Jewellery Design

Learn from myths, mythology and stories and get ideas

The world of design is a world that is infinitely vast and in fact the end cannot be imagined for it. How a pure and attractive idea comes to a designer’s mind is never recognizable, and this process is sometimes quite conscious and sometimes it is deeply unconsciously.

14- Ideation Resources in Jewellery Design

Sometimes and in some cases, the designer has a specific purpose and intellectual framework. On some occasions the ideas are come up with modeling of different fields such as nature, animals, religious tenets, customs of various ethnic groups, historical myths, archeology or different architectural styles, Art and even politics etc by designers, but sometimes an innovative idea generation can be crossed to designer’s mind with a simple event, a book or even a sentence of it, a painting or a part of a short story. Of course, the designing essential section should be divided into two parts; design and redesign.

15- Design & Redesign

In design, after examining the needs and thinking of this field, a new idea and design is created to bring about a new product. But in the redesign super specialized section, the method is absolutely extraordinary.

16- Jewellery Design

Sometimes, in the process of designing gold, jewellery and accessories, the market for a model is really great and there is a need to expand the same style while maintaining the basics, which is also called the common and main design language for a brand. On some occasions, the model, which is accepted on the market, due to customers’ unsatisfactory feedbacks, needs to be redesigned and review to remodel. Also in this case, the design language is very stable to some extent and only corrections are applied.

Therefore, the designer or the designing team of a product, put in a great deal of effort after gathering information and detailed reviews what’s more survey of the reported comments, in order to reduce the negative points that were missed by the designer moreover to strengthen the positive points of the design of product. They try to create more attractive products by presenting and applying the best corrections to result in customer satisfaction.

17- Jewellery Design for Different People

The language of designing and making templates are completely different for different ages, people, and tastes. Sometimes a jewellery designer designs for a specific taste, which is called a monopoly, and sometimes for a collective taste, for example to mass-produce of a product.

When the design is done for a specific person, the process is much easier and of course much more expensive, because the needs and tastes of the customer are quite clear and the model will be their own exclusiveness. But when we are going to work for a collective taste, which the most of jewellery designer’s efforts is in this field, more points should be evaluated, analyzed and considered so that in the end, the desirability and acceptability of the final design will be as much as possible.

18- Understanding the Target Market

The first step in this way is to fully understand the target market and pay basic attention to the parameters affecting the design, such as the age category of the people or the level of culture of them.

The majority of customers in this market are honourable women. Basically, the design that a middle-aged woman likes will be completely different from the tastes of a young lady, a teenager and even a young girl.

So the designer should try to consider the factors such as; studying the tastes, moods and needs of different ages, focusing on the psychological characteristics of that particular age group, the attractive elements and designs of that age group, and study the domestic and foreign markets with the science of modern fashion, in order to finally have the ability to cover all the tastes of different age group.

19- Research and Development in Jewellery Design

Of course, full attention should be paid to the fact that various tastes of dear customers, despite thinking about the age group of the person and the previous items that has mentioned above, are by no means definite and fixed, and the research process should be continual and up to date.

Therefore, it should be borne in mind that conducting a continual and advanced research process is an inevitable part of gold, jewellery and accessories design, furthermore this shows the fundamental role of research and development science even in the fashion industry.

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